TIN 99.99+%

Tin is a very smooth and flexible silver-white kind of metal. It is quite rustproof which is why it is often used in plating or alloying processes. In old times it was used just like gold or silver to make jewelry, or other handcraft and everyday items because of its unique sheen. 

Because tin is nontoxic to the human body, it is nowadays not only often used in plated tin cans, but also in machines for the food industry or in kitchen dishes.Different than other heavy metals, it does not accumulate in the human body, therefore it is considered not harmful. 

So you can use Bendable plate not only as a dish, but also as a vase, as a holder for business cards or as a lamp cover. 

Bendable plate’s safety as ware has been verified through toxicity tests performed by German food research Laboratories.