Consumer cancellation rights and consumer return Delivery

8.1. At KUNSTMAL, we take pride in the finish quality and construction of our things. All of our product is inspected before it leaves the warehouse. If the Buyer is unhappy with a product the Buyer may return this to the Supplier within 14 days of receiving the product. Valid for orders placed on, or after February 10 2017

8.2 In order for the Buyer to begin the returns process the Buyer must notify the supplier on neukunstmal@gmail.com. The Buyer must provide the Supplier with documentation from their chosen delivery company displaying the actual delivery date.

8.3 The Buyer is responsible for organising the return and any cost associated with return freight. The Supplier will not refund this cost.

8.4 All returned items are subject to a 50% administrative fee which will be deducted from the returned products’ value when the Supplier processes the refund. Any potential shipping cost will not be refunded.

8.5 The returned item and its packaging must be in immaculate condition on the point of inspection by the Supplier. If the returned goods do not pass inspection, a further fee may be deducted from the refund.

8.6 Any item returned without the Supplier’s prior written confirmation and consent will not be accepted or refunded.

8.7 The Buyer may cancel the order before the order has finished processing by notifying the Supplier on neukunstmal@gmail.com. Cancellations before the end of processing are subject to a 50% administrative fee which will be deducted from the order value when the Supplier processes the refund.

6.1 The Supplier will deliver the Goods to our warehouse at Kunstmal Designstudio Dessauerstrasse 24 , 10963 Berlin Germany or such other address as it may advise on its website from time to time (the Delivery Address). The Buyer may collect the Goods from the Delivery Address or arrange for a third party carrier to collect the Goods from the Delivery Address.

6.2 The Goods are available for pick up at the Warehouse for a maximum of 3 weeks after arrival. If the Buyer fails to arrange collection within this time, the Supplier may arrange for the Goods to be reassigned, given to charity or destroyed.

6.3 No refunds will be given to any order unattended unless further arrangements have been made within the 3 week period from products arriving to our warehouse. All further arrangements must be confirmed in writing by the supplier.

6.4 The Buyer is responsible for any potential storage cost accumulated past the 3 weeks stated in 6.2

6.5 However, the Buyer must be aware that all risk in all Goods passes to the Buyer at the time of delivery of the Goods to the Delivery Address and that as from such time, including during any subsequent transit time, the Buyer shall be responsible for the Goods and responsible for any additional costs connected with the Goods, including transit, import duties, local taxes and insurance costs. Where the Buyer arranges the collection and onwards delivery of Goods with a third party carrier, the Buyer will be entering into a contract directly with the third party carrier.

6.6 Where the Buyer arranges the collection and onwards delivery of Goods with a third party carrier, then the time of that onwards delivery for such Goods will vary and is at the Buyer's own risk.

6.7 A Buyer outside of the EU is responsible for paying any VAT or customs charges upon import to the Buyer’s country of destination.

6.8 The production time of the Goods is between eight and sixteen weeks before Goods are available at the Warehouse.

  6.8.1 Any order placed between December 1st and January 30th is subject to a production time of an additional 4 weeks.

6.9. The Supplier will use all reasonable endeavours to adhere to any agreed dates for delivery of the Goods to the Delivery Address and any agreed dates for collection by the Buyer or a third party carrier, but time shall not be of the essence. The Supplier will never be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses incurred by the Buyer or any third party arising directly or indirectly out of any failure to meet any delivery or collection date. The status of your delivery will be updated on your personal account. In order to avoid our automated response messages being filtered as spam, we will not send notifications with the latest updates. This information is made available in your account and so you are advised to log in to your account to access any updated information.

6.10 The title in Goods will only pass to the Buyer upon cleared full payment of the price and on delivery of the Goods to the Delivery Address. Risk in any Goods passes to the Buyer on delivery of those Goods to the Delivery Address.

6.11. It is the Buyer's responsibility to examine the packaging and Goods very carefully for any damage, immediately upon collection or receipt from a third party carrier. If there is any damage at all, for example, packaging shows signs of being torn or squashed, the Buyer must notify the Supplier by email to neukunstmal@gmail.com on the day it collects the Goods or receives them from the third party carrier. In addition, where the Buyer is signing to collect a package that appears damaged in any way then the Buyer must sign and write 'Collected Damaged'.

6.12. Buyers must take care when opening packaging. The Supplier cannot be responsible for any damage caused as a Buyer removes packaging, for example, if the Buyer uses a knife to remove packaging and Goods are torn.

6.13. In the event of unexpectedly high volume sales due to a campaign, the delivery may extend with additional two to four weeks.

6.14. The Supplier is not responsible for delays due to strikes or inconvenience from the supplier if the product does not arrive within our estimated time frame.

Shipping Sevice is DHL and Deutsche Post

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